Vela Paper Transport Bags

The paper alternative to single-use plastic poly bags.

Replace your single-use plastic poly bags with Vela – the weather-resistant, durable, transparent, and curbside-recyclable FSC™ certified paper bags.

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A bright yellow shirt inside of a custom size Vela bagA silver sweater in a stock Vela bagA sweater inside of a Vela bag printed with the Oakley logo

Transport packaging made sustainable.

We believe that sustainable and recyclable paper packaging can replace and prevent poly bags from polluting our planet.

Recyclable icon

Curbside Recyclable

Vela bags are made from 100% FSC™ Certified paper and are curbside recyclable.

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Vela bags are transparent enough for visual inspection and manual barcode scanning.

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Vela is durable enough to withstand the supply chain demands from manufacturer, to distribution, to customer.

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Protect your products from humidity, moisture.

Full-width adhesive icon

Full-Width Adhesive

Vela bags are designed with a full width, recyclable, paper-based adhesive strip.

Concealed vent hole icon

Concealed Vent Hole

Vela bags have a concealed vent hole allowing your package to breathe during transit.

Our Sea the Difference turtle badge options on the bottom of a Vela bag
Sea the difference

Products marked with our Sea the Difference badge directly fund and support ocean research and conservation programs.

By supporting Vela – and becoming a part of our Sea The Difference community – you are contributing to ocean research and keeping our oceans safe and clean.

All stock Vela bags are pre-printed with our Sea the Difference badge, and we invite brands to include this badge on custom printed Vela bags to show their support of critical ocean research and conservation programs.

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Stock bag sizes

Our Vela bags come in 7 stock sizes designed specifically to make your transition from single-use plastic poly bags to Vela as easy as possible. Custom sizes and custom printing is available.

Stock available in North America, Europe, and Asia
x small vela bag
small vela bag
medium vela bag
large vela bag
x large vela bag
2x large vela bag
3x large  vela bag

Bag Inner Dimensions

width x height + flap
15cm x 20cm + 4cm
6” x 8” + 1.5
20cm x 25cm + 4cm
8” x 9.75” + 1.5”
25cm x 30cm + 4cm
9.75” x 11.75” + 1.5”
30cm x 40cm + 4cm
11.75” x 15.75” + 1.5”
35cm x 50cm + 4cm
13.75” x 19.75” + 1.5”
40cm x 60cm + 10cm
15.75” x 23.5” + 4”
50cm x 75cm + 10cm
19.75” x 29.5” + 4”
Our Brand Partners

Brands around the world are making the switch to Vela.

We’re proud to partner with environmentally conscious companies who share our vision for a healthier planet and responsible consumer behavior.

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